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Public Safety

As an Emergency Responder, Freddie has dedicated his career to public safety and making his community a better place to live.  As a Council member, He helped reverse budget cuts and restored firefighting positions to ensure that shifts were fully staffed and ready to respond to emergency calls.

In the Assembly, Freddie's priorities on public safety are:

  • Working to end the cycle of gang violence and illegal drug use
  • Keeping convicted sex offenders away from our schools and kids
  • Ensuring that our police and firefighters have first-class training and equipment 
  • Help school districts coordinate better with law enforcement and emergency responders during threats and active shooter situations
  • Reduce response times during medical emergencies
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The Economy

Freddie understands the challenges that working families and small businesses face every day.  In the face of increased living costs and high energy prices, he knows that good, well-paying jobs are the result of a business friendly economy.

In the Assembly, Freddie's priorities on the economy are:

  • Bringing quality jobs with retirement and healthcare benefits to the 52nd District
  • Developing resources and incentives for current businesses and for those looking to do business in California
  • Increasing job training and support programs
  • Help low income families purchase their own homes
  • Promoting California’s green economy and creating incentives for small businesses


As a husband, father of three children, and grandfather of two grandchildren, Freddie knows that in order to compete in today’s global economy; kids need a first class education.  He will fight to make sure our teachers and Students have a strong advocate in sacramento.  

In the Assembly, Freddie’s priorities on education are:

  • Helping raise teacher salaries
  • Securing education funding prior to the expiration of Proposition 30
  • Recruiting more young people to enter the teaching profession
  • Increasing per pupil spending
  • Fully funding after school and mentoring programs for our children
  • Creating alternative career pathways such as youth apprenticeship programs
  • Make sure are roads and streets are safe for kids walking to school 
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Health Care

Freddie is a strong supporter of the Affordable Care Act and believes that every individual has a right to quality health care.  With the cost of coverage rising every year, more and more individuals are finding that they cannot afford health insurance And small businesses are still struggling to provide it for their workers.

In the Assembly, Freddie’s priorities on health care are:

  • Increasing the number of trauma centers and health care facilities
  • Working to lower the cost of prescription drugs
  • Developing additional wellness and nutrition programs for seniors
  • Creating incentives for small businesses who provide healthcare for their workers
  • Funding and supporting programs for the Mentally ill
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The Environment

Freddie believes that we have a moral obligation to protect our environment.  With five freeways running through the 52nd District (10, 210, 57, 71, and 60), the effects on air quality are enormous.  Childhood asthma and other ailments are rampant in the Inland Empire.   He will fight to see that the state is being smart about developing natural resources and reducing our dependency on foreign oil.  

In the Assembly, Freddie’s priorities on the environment are:

  • Fighting air pollution and decreasing incidences of childhood asthma
  • Making sure that area drinking water is clean and safe
  • Increasing funds for toxic waste clean-up and oil spills
  • Reduce traffic and pollution by creating local jobs
  • Invest in developing natural resources and alternative energy sources 
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Freddie knows that severe traffic and congestion has a dramatic and detrimental impact on our quality of life. In 2014, Freddie authored legislation to give the Inland Empire local control of the Ontario International Airport and extend the Metro Gold line to San Bernardino County.

In the Assembly, Freddie’s priorities on transportation are:

  • Improving public transportation by making it more affordable, accessible and of higher quality
  • Ensuring the Metro Gold Line is extended to San Bernardino County (Montclair/Ontario)  
  • Expediting construction of the 71 freeway and cleaning-up blighted on and off ramps
  • Securing local control of the Ontario International Airport
  • Increasing the number of HOV lanes on the 60 and other major freeways